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Maurice "MO" Collette, from Maine

Photos from Nam

Feb. 1968 - Feb. 1969

A Co, 3rd Bat, 47th Inf, 4th Plt   Page 1 / 4

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From left to Right

Front Row: Dennis Eubanks from OR, PSG Maderius from SC, John Jones from TX, Tom Cole from OK.

2nd Row: Mike Spray from MO, Eddie Stacker (cannot see) from Chicago, IL, Maurice "MO" Collette, from ME.

Back Row: Kim Kneble from IN, Don Ohmes from MO, Billy Watson from NC, Frank Oram from PA, and Richard Wyatt (cannot see) from DE.

Frank Oram from PA, Dennis E Eubanks from OR,  James Knight (Doc) from TX and George (Larry) Runyan from TX.

Maurice "MO" Collette, from ME and Ansion Miles Jr from Bronx, NY.

Maurice "MO" Collette, from ME and Dennis E Dyer (KIA) 5/17/68 from Taft, CA.

Tom Cole from OK and Billy Watson from NC.


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